Walk This May

Walk This May


Sheffield is one of the UK's most walkable cities, with a rich culture and history that you might have completely missed if you spend your life getting around on a bus or in a car! There are endless benefits that come with walking regularly - from improving your physical health and your mental health, to helping you get some fresh air and uncover new hidden gems wherever you go!


May is National Walking Month, and we've found some of Sheffield's best walks and tours for you to try out. Make the most of the weather and take a break from revision or coursework, or even grab a group of friends and celebrate the end of a hard year's work! 

Make sure you let us know if you're out and about on any of these walks via our Twitter account!


Modern Architecture Tour - Sheffield Gold Route


The award winning Gold Route is a series of linked public spaces from Sheffield railway station to the centre of the city. Taking in some of the city's most beautiful public spaces in the Peace Gardens, Barkers Pool and Howard Street, this walk should take no more than an hour! Just take the route from A to B on the map below!



Architecture Tour - Neoclassical Sheffield


A brilliant tour from staff at the University of Sheffield, discover how Athens’ Parthenon and Italian Renaissance palaces inspired Sheffield’s architects. Find out why some of the city’s most famous buildings have towering columns, two elephants and a man holding an asp. Meet Titans and water gods – one wearing a fish.You’ll also visit Sheffield’s lost telephone exchange, Victorian water and gas companies, hidden chapels, old schools and self-important banks.



Environment - 5 Weirs Walk


A 5 mile linear walk from Meadowhall Interchange rail station to Sheffield rail station, following a beautiful stretch of the River Don. The river has witnessed enormous change over the last centuries, taking it from rural landscapes to the heart of the steel industry and now providing a wonderful wildlife corridor through the modern city. Along the way you will discover five weirs, plenty of industrial heritage and lots of wildlife too.





Sheffield History - A Dissenters' Paradise


From the wonderful Hunter Archeological Society, take a trip around Sheffield's non-conformist past with a 1.5mile (about an hour) walk through some of the city's most interesting neighbourhoods. Can you find the Bear Pit in the Botanical Gardens? Take a picture and let us know!