Resting and Being Active

Feeling lethargic, moody or unmotivated?  Our suggestion is… EXERCISE!  

It’s a great way to stay in shape whilst boosting your mental health (studies have shown that regular activity and exercise makes it 30% less likely that you will develop depression). Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a great way of keeping you active. 

Here are our top tips for staying active:

  • Do something you enjoy!  Revisit sports you loved when you were younger, riding a bike or frisbee in the park, can inspire and motivate you to stay active. Here at SHU we have plenty of great sports clubs and activities and over 20 different active and performance societies at Sheffield Hallam Students' Union, so you're bound to find something you love! 
  • Schedule in some sport -  Making the time for sports and exercise is an essential when trying to stay healthy.  Make it a part of your study timetable for a welcomed break between study sessions.
  • A team effort - Working out with someone else means you can incorporate your social life into active lifestyle. Making plans to exercise with others means you are more likely to commit to an activity and they can help motivate you when you need a boost. Setting goals and targets together is a great way to keep the momentum. (Please do not exercise with anyone who is not in your household due to COVID-19 restrictions).
  • It’s a journey - Why not take a walk or ride a bike, both will save you money on bus fares whilst keeping you fit. (Please do not exercise with anyone who is not in your household due to COVID-19 restrictions).

At the Students’ Union we know that it can sometimes be hard to incorporate exercise into your routine and that joining a sports team (social or competitive) can, for many, be an unrealistic expectation due to a busy lifestyle so here are two great walking or running routes that you can do within Sheffield! The City Centre Route will take you on a lap of Sheffield city centre, past some of the city’s well known sights such as Bramall Lane stadium, the cathedral and of course Sheffield Hallam University (City Campus). The Collegiate Route on the other hand will take you on a more scenic lap of Endcliffe Park at the bottom of Ecclesall Road (near Collegiate Campus). Both offer a great, easy way to fit excercise into your day even if you have busy schedule!