Healthy Eating

Eating healthy whilst at university is a must! 

A balanced and nutritious diet helps us feel good inside and out:

  • Improved energy which means more stamina and greater productivity (think deadlines!)
  • Better sleep and its easier to stay focused on tasks, improving stamina
  • Your skin will look and feel better whilst sustaining a healthy body weight 
  • It lifts your mood and general sense of wellbeing (studies have proven this!)
  • You will ensure a lower risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes 

Here at the Union we recognise that buying healthy options on your student budget can be a challenge, but we want to help you overcome those barriers to great health.  That’s why we have created our very own shopping list for you; it covers a week's worth of nutritious and tasty food for £25.  We want to show you which foods you can go for to help create a balanced diet on a budget.



Top tip: Buying food on a daily basis can often be much more expensive than having a stocked kitchen cupboard, burning a hole in your pockets and eating into your budget for the rest of the term.  People also tend to go for quick, unhealthy options like meal deals and take-aways.  Don't get me wrong, everyone deserves a treat, especially after a difficult exam or stressful deadline hand in, but managing your weekly shopping gives you the spare cash to do this.

Local places to shop on a student budget: