Funding for Healthcare Courses

Healthcare Courses Funding 2021/22

Read our Guide on Funding for Students on Healthcare Courses here

How much funding can I get?

In order to be entitled to funding, you must meet the personal eligibility requirements and your course must be eligible.

The rules around who is eligible to pay the 'home' rate of tuition fees and who can get student support funding have changed significantly for students starting a course on or after 1 August 2021.  If you are starting a course in the 2021/22 academic year, please see the information on the Student Finance England website, which outlines the categories (scroll down towards the bottom of the page).  The NHS Learner Support Fund requires that you meet the criteria used by Student Finance England (or the relevant UK funding body depending on which country you normally live in).  See here for more details about the NHS Learner Support Fund eligibility criteria.  The UKCISA website also has some information about the eligibility criteria

Your entitlement may also be affected if you have undertaken study at the same level (or higher) previously, or if you have a higher education qualification.  However, many healthcare courses have different rules about the impact of previous study on eligibility for funding, and you may still get funding even if you have studied a higher education course before (this will depend partly on whether you have registration already; seek advice or see the information on the webpages below).

See our Undergraduate Funding page for information about the funding you may be able to get from Student Finance England for your tuition fees and living costs.  There is also additional funding if you have dependants or a disability, if you meet the relevant criteria.

New students studying a healthcare course starting in 2020/21 or later can apply for funding through Student Finance England (SFE) plus additional grants through the NHS Learner Support Fund.  More information is available here and here, and in our information leaflet ‘Funding for Students on Healthcare Courses from September 2020’ in the self-help resources.  Note that this leaflet is currently being updated.

If you are unsure about your eligibility, what you may be entitled to, how student funding interacts with benefits, or you have any other funding questions, please contact the Advice Service who can provide a funding check and/or benefits calculation.  It is a good idea to do this before you start your course.

If you started your course prior to 1 August 2018, see here for more information about funding.

If you're studying to be a doctor or dentist see here.

I haven't received my loan?

You will not receive any loan payments until a few days after you have enrolled on your course. You can check your online account and make sure you have submitted all the requested documents and declaration.

You can contact the agency providing the loan:

Student Finance England - 0300 100 0607
Student Finance Wales - 0300 200 4050
Student Awards Agency for Scotland - 0300 555 0505
Student Finance Northern Ireland - 0300 100 0077

Keep a record of any contacts you have with the agency. You can use the phones in the Student Advice Centre at the HUBS for free and we can offer further support if you need it.