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Lauren Kaye

Welfare and Community Officer

The Students' Union Advice Centre is a free, confidential and independent service

We realise that many aspects of life in the UK may be different from in your home county, and this may include your rights and responsibilities. We can give you advice on a wide variety of issues including housing, academic misconduct and your employment rights. Check out our FAQ's below for further information or contact us.

What support is available to me?

A useful source of information and advice for International students is available from the UK council for international student affairs (UKCISA). Below is a link to their website and contact details.


What if something goes wrong?

You can find out more information about these issues on our Academic, Money, and Housing pages.

Whilst the same rules and regulations will apply to all students, if you are an International student some of these situations may also affect your visa. If you have any concerns or need some advice on your visa conditions you should contact the International Experience Team.

I’m having VISA problems/questions

You can get in touch with the International Experience Team.

What about getting a job after my studies?