Finding somewhere to live


Where can I find somewhere to live in Sheffield?

We recommend that the safest way to find accommodation in Sheffield is via SHU Accommodation Services website

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They offer 4 types of accommodation:
• University managed residence
• University partnership residences
• Private Sector Housing
• Homestays or accommodation with a family

All properties advertised with SHU accommodation services are Snug registered.


What is Snug?

Snug is an award winning student landlord accommodation scheme which is managed by Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield Hallam Students' Union, Sheffield University and Sheffield University Student's Union. Snug was set up to ensure that students get high quality, properly managed accommodation, so that their time in Sheffield is both safe and enjoyable.  We strongly recommend choosing a Snug property.

Landlords that do not meet the criteria set by the council will not qualify for the scheme, and will not be able to advertise with the University or Students' Union.

Download our House Hunting Area Guide for more information about Snug and popular areas to live that are local to Sheffield Hallam University. This guide and our other Househunting / Moving In Top Tips guides can be found in our self-help resources section.


How to find accommodation

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