Support and Contact Details

Student Reps make sure your voice is heard to help you shape your University experience!


If you have any questions or problems in your role as a Course Rep, there are staff at Sheffield Hallam Students' Union who can help you. Your first port of call should be emailing, but you can also get in touch with the following staff members.We are all situated in the Activites Pod in the HUBS and are friendly and at hand to answer any of your questions.

Katie Davorn - Academic Representation Manager                                                                          


Tel: 0114 225 3303

Location: The HUBS


Alison Worsley - Academic Interests Coordinator


Tel: 0114 225 3450

Location: The HUBS



Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is run by a team of student Officers who have been elected by students to represent them. These elected Officers sit on all University committees including Faculty Academic Boards and are therefore in a position to take up any issues you may encounter.

Davey Silver - Education Officer


Tel: 0114 225 6172

Location: The Officers’ Office at The HUBS, City Campus



Within your university department, the key staff you will work with as a Course Rep are your course leader and senior administrator. They should be able to help if you have any questions about staff-student meetings in your department. Please contact us if you are not sure of who this is, and we may be able to help you.


As a Course rep, you may have students approach you with personal problems. Hallam Union has an Advice Centre with full-time advisers who can provide information and advice on most issues that you may encounter as a student or Course rep. These include areas such as funding, debt and money advice, housing, employment and academic issues. 

If a student comes to you for help with a personal problem, don’t try to solve it yourself – direct them to the advice centre.


Tel: 0114 225 4148