Rep of the Month

Student Reps make sure your voice is heard to help you shape your University experience!

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October Rep of the Month - Hollie Ford

Hollie is a Science and Education with QTS student who was awarded October's Rep of the Month title! She was nominated for:

- Improving lecture times and making them more worthwhile.

- Helping with placements and the running of that scheme.

- Making staff aware of social issues students may be having that could impact their studying.

She decided to keep her role as Course Rep in her third year after taking the position in her first and second years too, and because of how she wishes to look after people, particularly considering how tight-knit her course is.

Hollie recommends the Course Rep programme as a way of learning more about University processes, whilst also believing it to be productive for the reps themselves as it teaches you how to prioritise and negotiation skills. It's also a great way to get involved, Hollie believes.

Congratulations, Hollie! 


November Rep of the Month - Sarah Ellis

Sarah is a Psychology student who was awarded November's Rep of the Month title! She was nominated for:

- Creating surveys for both Level 5 and Level 6 Course Reps and putting the feedback into Word documents to send to the other Reps.

- Making a PowerPoint slide ready for the screencasts to deliver the staff comments to students on her course.

- Her approachability and hard-working nature.

Sarah took on the Course Rep role as a way of building her confidence and to promote student voice. Since becoming a rep, she has gathered and sent feedback to meetings, and even won the Course Rep of the Year Award last year. Some of the feedback she has collected has been used by staff members to alter modules for the better for future students. 

She recommends the Course Rep role for the increased responsibility it gives students and how it can improve your confidence when speaking infront of others.

Keep up the fantastic work, Sarah!