Sheffield Hallam Students' Union exists to represent the student body of Sheffield Hallam University. In order to ensure we do so, it's vital that students get the opportunity to set policy to mandate the organisation and elected officers.

If there's something you're passionate about, that you think the Students' Union could make a difference on, then why not see if you can make it an official policy?


What is a policy?

A policy is effectively an idea that a student, or a number of students, have had which they believe will make the student experience at Sheffield Hallam University better. It's something that they want the Students' Union to work on in order to make their Students' Union, their Education, or their time in Sheffield better. Once passed, policies are binding on the Students' Union for three years - and the Students' Union needs to work to make sure they happen!


What policies do we already have?

As a Students' Union we have a number of policies on everything ranging from ensuring students are treating equally through to ensuring we campaign for fair student fares on public transport. You can find the full list of our policies on our policy register.


What have we done with the policies we have?

Once a policy is passed by Union Council, or by referenda, we get to work on it straight away. You can see how we're acting on our policies in our policy implementation plan.


How do our ideas become official policy?

In order for your idea to become policy, you need to first submit it to us by completing the survey link at the bottom of this page (you'll need to log in to the website in order to do this!). Once your idea is submitted, it'll be put forward to the relevant Zone; so if it's about Education - it'll go to Your Education Zone, if it's about your Students' Union, it'll go through to Your Union Zone, and if it's about the Community it'll go through to Your Community Zone (there are 5 of these a year). If the majority of the zone attendees agree that it's a great policy idea then it'll go forward to the next Students' Union Council meeting (there are at least three of these a year).

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