The Students' Union is a democratic organisation. Each year the leaders of the Students' Union, the Student Officer Team, are elected in the campus wide Students' Union Elections. The Student Officer Team are also supported by 12 elected part time Students' Union Reps.

At the heart of the Students' Union is the Union Council. The Union Council, the highest decision making body within the Students' Union, is made up of 29 students including the Student Officers, Students' Union Reps & Zone Chairs. All students can feed into the Union Council via the open zones; Your Education Zone, Your Community Zone and Your Students' Union Zone - details of all the zone meetings will be displayed on our social media.


Structure Diagram

Any student can submit a policy idea to the Students' Union, this will then be discussed at the relevant Zone and voted upon to see whether or not it should go to Union Council. To find out what policies we currently have, or how to sumbit your own, take a look at the pages below.