Platform18 is an exhibition of Sheffield Hallam University students' work at the Millenium Gallery.

In a year where fake news, misdirection, layered meaning and data manipulation have been front and centre in the cultural consciousness, we're looking for work that responds politically, aesthetically or philosophically to the theme of (mis)information.     

Platform 18 Exhibition - How to Apply
21st February 3:30pm - 4:30pm
The HUBS - Boardroom
Would you like to see your work exhibited at the Millennium Galleries this year?
Detainee X - Ft. Boona Mohamed - Film Documentary
21st February 5:30pm - 8pm
Sheffield Hallam University Charles Street
Boona Mohammed is coming to Sheffield a renowned poet and producer, next Wednesday (21/02/18) for the screening of his new film Detainee X. This film takes new heights in exploring how modern terrorism is fought by the West. With a Q and A after. | 0114 225 2893