Nominate yourself or someone else for the Student Rep & Leadership Awards!

You can nominate yourself for the following categories:

Student Representation Awards

The Student Representation Awards recognise staff and students who have gone above and beyond to both ensure that the student voice is well represented, and to bring about positive, lasting change to the academic experience at Sheffield Hallam.

  • Course Rep of the Year
  • Department Rep of the Year
  • Faculty Rep of the Year
  • Support Staff of the Year
  • Academic Staff of the Year

Impact & Change Awards:

The Impact & Change Awards celebrate individuals and/or groups of students who have worked hard to foster impactful and positive change to improve the wider student experience at Sheffield Hallam.

  • Outstanding Contribution to Academic Change
  • Outstanding Contribution to Democracy & Change
  • Outstanding Contribution to Inclusion & Diversity

Leadership Programme Awards

This year we brought the Leadership Programme back in a new format! We wanted to support our student leaders to be their best version yet and excel in their roles. We hope we have achieved that and we would like to recognise their efforts.

Award Certificates

Certificate of Participation (1 session attended)

Certificate of Achievement (attended the Programme, at least 2/3)

Award Prizes

Diversity and Inclusion Award

This award aims to recognise an individual who has gone above and beyond incorporating ways to be inclusive or taken measures to improve diversity/inclusion awareness/procedures in their team.

Rising Star Award

This award aims to recognise the individual who has most improved or most developed in their leadership role. In the nomination, the nominee must provide evidence of progression in terms of developmental areas: decision-making, team-work, supporting team members, delegating responsibility etc.

Developing Others Award

This award aims to recognise an individual who has prioritised their team members' development, either by providing them with training opportunities or by increasing awareness of opportunities available to them, after assessing their needs.

Social Impact Award

This award aims to recognise an individual who has demonstrated strategic and visionary thinking when it comes to social impact. Social impact is the (positive) effect on people and communities as a result of one's action. This can include: leadership thinking when it comes to your team's environmental impact or community impact (via your volunteering, sports or society activities). The nominee must highlight the evidenced positive impact of their projects.