Black History Month

Here you can find details of all the exciting events taking place at Sheffield Hallam Students' Union!

Black History 365 days (October 2017)
As Black History Month celebrates its 30th Anniversary, we celebrate with 365 days of culture, heritage and excellence.
With a range of events including, Spoken Word, Films, Documentaries, Reasoning (debates/discussions), Music, Arts,
StoryTelling, Keynote Speakers, Workshops, Seminars, Walks & Talks, Performing Arts.

1st October - Black History Month Launch

7th October - Black Men Walk - Walking For Health

9th October - David Olusoga Black and British: A Forgotten History

11th October - Akala, A History of Hip-Hop & Emcee

14th October - Open Mic Night ft. Student Palestine Conference 2017

17th October - Black History TED X Event

23rd October - ColourBlind Academia PT.2

25th October - Darcus Howe Renegade - Celebrating A Legend!

28th October - Slam Barz - The Challenge