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Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is here to support your academic interests…

But what does academic interests mean?!?  

Academic interests is your experience on your course. Here at the Students' Union your academic interest is at the heart of what we do. We've got your back because we want to make sure your experience whilst completing your degree is as positive as it can be.  

We follow your lead, we empower, we help and we amplify your voice. Read on to find out how.


We follow your lead (and exist because of you!)

The Students' Union is led by students for students. Five Student Officers lead the organisation and are here to listen to the student body and represent your views, so that you can get the best out of your studies. 

You have the opportunity to select your Student Officers each year in our annual elections. Headed by the President, the team represent your views to the University and can provide assistance in the following areas: Education, Health and Welfare, Activities and Sports and Physical Education.

Not happy with something? Speak with one of the team today.

We empower

The Students' Union runs a Student Representative Programme with the University to improve the educational experience of students. Student Reps gather feedback on any academic issue from their fellow students and work together with University staff to solve problems and make changes for the better.

The Student Representative Programme includes:

  • Course Reps who gather feedback from their fellow cohort and work with the Students' Union and University to make changes to their course. At present we have over 1400 Course Reps.

  • Department Reps who work with University Heads of Department to give feedback from students across their department. We currently have 85 Department Reps.

Student Reps receive training from the Students' Union and the University to help them gather and present feedback. This feedback will be used to inform change on your course or across your department.

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We help

The Students' Union provides free, confidential and independent advice to all students via our Advice Centre. You can discuss anything with our Advisers such as academic issues, money worries and housing concerns.

Any concerns you discuss with our Advisers will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to the University (without your consent).

Academic issues may include: disputing marks, where to get help if you can't meet a deadline, need a break from your course or are thinking about leaving University.

If our Advisers can't solve your issue, they will signpost you to a service that can!

Contact the Advice Centre.

We raise your voice

The Students' Union is here to amplify your voice with the University.  We conduct lots of research projects throughout the year to measure your academic experience so we can the lobby the University to make changes on your behalf.

Last academic year, the Students' Union Research team received over 3,000 responses to various surveys, interviews, and online questions about your academic experience.

The 2017 Student Voice Report contained 20 separate recommendations by the Students' Union to the University, urging them to take action to improve your experience at Sheffield Hallam.

Working in partnership with the University, improvements have now been made in the last 12 months, in areas such as 'assessment and feedback', 'teaching resources', and 'food and drink prices at University outlets'. 

Here's some other examples of ways we have supported you...