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COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has changed the way we study, the way we work, and the way we live our lives.

The changes we've seen over the last few weeks aren't comparable with anything in living memory - and it may be some weeks until things start to return to normal. Until then, you'll be experiencing a digital way of studying & revising which is quite new to all of us.

We think that it’s more important than ever that students are able to voice their concerns and to have their questions answered. This is why we’ve set up this page for students to submit any questions and concerns they have. The Students’ Union building may not be open at the moment, but staff are still working hard to make sure you’ve got the resources you need to succeed. When you submit something using our form, we’ll ensure that your questions and concerns go to the right place and that you get the support you need.

This survey is no longer available.