The Societies Awards 2020 has come to an end. You can find all our winners below along with every nominee! A massive thank you to all our Societies who have made 2019/20 our best year yet!


All Nominees 2020

Abbey Wensley, Alex Dickenson, Band, Bertie Webber, Bioscience, Chloe Hamlbling, Christian Union, Dale Bennet, Disney Appreciation Society, East Asia Society, Elin Ivarsson, Emma McNeil, Enactus, Enterprise Society, Erin Langham, Esports, Fatima Jafar, Fine Art Society, Florentina Mirela Tanase, Fellwalking and Mountaineering Club, Food & Nutrition Society, Geography Society, Hallam Union Pole, Hannah Henley, Harmonies, Harriet Hamber-Stott, Hospitality Society, HSU Theatre, Indian Society, Joe Burton, Kerala Society, Laura Madge, Lucy Gratton, Lucy Hindle, Lucy Rowe, Nathan Hemmingway, Owen Crawford, Pakistan Society, Palestine Society, Paramedic Society, Post Graduate Research Society, Real Ale Society, Samantha Cooke, SHUSIC, Sims Society, Sociology Society, Sophie Davis, Sophie Pearce, Spoons Society, Sub Aqua, Sudais Muhammad, Tamil Society, Tourism Society, Wine Appreciation Society

Social Distancing award 


The Esports Society helped to run an online Varsity after Varsity was cancelled. The event provided some much needed excitement and positivityThe livestream had over 600 unique viewers from all over the world, including the UK, France, Denmark, Australia, and Malaysia and got loads of people chatting.

Best Event award 


250 people attended the Jazz4Palestine event which was part of Samer Rashed, a Palestinian musician, and his trio’s album launch. The event was well organised and raised £2000 for Gaza’s Children Project.

Best Collaboration award

Pole Fitness and Uni Boob

On December 13th 2019 Hallam Union Pole held a Christmas Showcase collaborating with the Uniboob Team, a charity raising money and awareness for breast cancer.Over 80 tickets were sold for the showcase which not only raised money for their charity but allowed over 80 people to be guided and advised in breast and pec screening. They also held a raffle on the evening. Their members put on some incredible performances and £561 was raised for the Uniboob team.Great job Hallam Union Pole!

Equality & Diversity award

Disney Appreciation society

The Disney Society has made it their mission this year to become an inclusive society. The whole committee have attended training sessions such as Mental Health First Aid and Autism Awareness and have put what they have learnt into practise at their events. They also got involved in University Mental Health Day and completed the Mental Health Society challenge. They’ve been amazing!!

Societies in the Community award


This year Enactus members have contributed a total of 807 hours to community projects.One of their projects, STEM4Schools, aims to increase primary student engagement in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math). So far it has improved the education of 160+ primary school students in more than 11 workshop sessions.Due to the impact made in the community and their plans for the upcoming year, they were placed among the top 30 Enactus teams in the UK.

Most Improved award

Palestine society

This year the society has been more ambitious with the scale of their events by planning to host 2 live music fundraisers at the Hubs. These events took much more organisation and planning than their previous events and reached a wider audience. Their Jazz4Palestine event was really successful with 250 attendees, it also raised £2000 for Gaza's Children's Project. They performed at ICE and had their second big event planned which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Covid 19.

Best New Society award

Fine Art society

The Fine Art Society is a space for creative people to meet up and engage in making, discussing and enjoying art.

The committee has put a lot of effort into spreading the word about their society this year. They designed flyers for the Freshers Fair, created social media pages, asked academics to send out mass emails explaining how to join their society, and also via word of mouth in the Fine Art studios. Their first event was hugely successful, a Bob Ross Paint along that managed to get over 80 attendees! This event has since been repeated along with a range of other events such as, a drawing workshop, de-stress colouring and pastel pencil workshops. They have managed to recruit a wide range of students, not just from Fine Art courses but from all sorts of subject areas. They have created a fun space for all to be welcome and enjoy getting creative together – amazing work Fine Art Society!

Committee Member of the Year award

Bertie Webber 

Bertie is a master’s student at university and has also been President of the Hospitality Society this year.

A large part of the Hospitality Societies success this year is down to Bertie and how well he worked with the societies committee members. Bertie has been focused on increasing the society's presence throughout the past year and has achieved this!  

Bertie has worked with his committee to ensure regular events were put on for the Hospitality Society members. This has given members more of an opportunity to come together and socialise, creating a larger sense of community for members and students studying a Hospitality related degree. Working with his committee, he ensured events aligned to the society's subject discipline, however that they were also something society members may not have experienced before and were fun! He has also been very mindful of how the Hospitality Society could contribute towards certain awareness days and the community and worked with his committee to put on relevant events such as bringing Therapy Dogs to the SU and raising money for Hospitality Action.

Bertie has excellently managed the challenge of running a society alongside completing his master’s degree. The effort he put into the society was consistent throughout the whole year. As President, he has shown the ability to efficiently manage a team and to delegate tasks appropriately. However, more importantly, he has been there to support his team when they have been unsure in their role and has taken on responsibilities additional to his own to support the committee. He has worked really well with the Activities Team, asking for advice when he needed it and making a conscious effort to understand society processes.

Bertie’s actions show exceptional leadership skills and demonstrate his commitment to making the society great for its members. He has been an amazing President and should be proud of all his hard work and success this year – well done Bertie!

Society Member of the Year award

Sudais Muhammad

Sudais joined the Pakistani Society in January and had a huge impact. He has attended every event in semester 2 and has helped out when needed.. He helped the society prepare for SHUFest and performed in it.

Committee of the Year award

Food & Nutrition

FANs is an academic society and one for anyone who has an interest in food or nutrition regardless of what course they study.

This year’s Food and Nutrition Society committee has ensured to put on activities that are relevant to their society and are events that their members want. This has ranged from socials, a trip to Manchester Christmas Markets, Meet The Tutor Night, Patisserie Workshop, and collaborating on events such as the Activities Officer’s World Food Event. The best thing about the committee is that every event they put on happened because their members had asked for it. All of their events were well attended throughout the year.

This committee’s teamwork has been exceptional. They held committee meetings every week to discuss where they were with planning certain events and what they needed to do to plan future ones. All meetings had an agenda, were productive, and committee members always left with clear tasks to do that were relevant to their committee role – their organisation skills are amazing!

The committee has worked exceptionally well together over the past year. They should be really proud of how well they have listened to their members and are a team of extremely dedicated individuals – congratulations Food and Nutrition committee! 

Society of the Year award

Paramedic society

The Paramedic Society runs to support students studying as a paramedic. They provide additional CPD events to improve student’s clinical skills and practice, whilst additionally running social events to allow different students to come together, socialise and share their own experiences with each other.  

The society has consistently engaged their members by running 2 events every month, as well as socials to ensure the members could talk to each other and communicate with the committee. The society has had great feedback from their members, ‘Events were always positive, and each event benefited the member's education and confidence towards the profession’.

The committee has regularly communicated with its members via social media, the Students’ Union website and through emails. The committee also worked well with the Activities Team to ensure their society ran correctly and smoothly.

Throughout the past year, the Paramedic Society has put a wide range of events on for their members. End of life care, OSCE practice day, NEWS score, Wound care, Adult trauma, Spotting a sick child, Paediatric trauma, Midwifery talk, Traumatic brain injury, Drugs and medications, Easter quiz, Freshers pub crawl, The student paramedic conference, HCPC law and legislations event, Dissertation talk with 3rd year students and running a mentoring scheme for 1st year students. Their efforts have continued during lockdown, running quizzes and CPD sessions. Their last quiz raised £100 for the NHS fighting COVID-19, which they want to continue doing until the fight is over – huge congratulations to the Paramedic Society!