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Add yourself to our members group on Facebook once you have purchased your membership!

*All up to date information and the best way to contact us is through this group*

We are a NON-PROFIT society, run by a committee of volunteers. Please bare with us and make the most of our hard work to keep this society running and help you to enjoy it! 

Coronvirus Updates and FAQ's

Here we will be posting updates on our activities, events, classes etc. as we react in line with union advice and government guidlines. Please check back regulalry. 


1. *NEW* Classes are CANCELLED indefinitely. We are so so sad to announce this as we know classes are at the heart of the society. However, it is just not the safe or responsible thing to keep the studio open any more. There is the possibiltiy of still acquiring 1 to 1's just message Eve, Sasha and Jenni (numbers below) if you are interested. Price will vary. We will of course re-start classes as soon as we are able to. 


1. *UPDATED* The Hallam Union Pole versus University of Sheffield Varsity is offically postponed "indefinitely" as they have pulled out. We are working behind the scenes with Walkabout at potential postponed dates. Once we have conformation we will update you with full details. Please be aware we do not fall under the official university Varisty. Their statements do not apply to our event. 

2. As of right now we intend for our May showcase to go ahead. Deatails may be delayed as we are working to sort alternatives for Varisty. Please bear with us. If you have signed up for the May showcase please continue to attend classes (if you can) to try and prepare. Privates are availble still with Sasha.

3. Tickets for Varisty we are unable to refund as of right now. With no access to our society pot we cannot process refunds. However, please be aware we may not offer refunds as the money may still head to our two chosen charities from our own ticket sales. During this difficult time they need it more than ever. This is to be disscussed between commitees and we will let you know an update when we have a decsion.


1. Socials are now cancelled for the forseable future. However you may still use your society cards at our various sponsers whenever you choose to go out. We will bring socials back as soon as we are able to.


1. Kit has been ordered and I will have them delivered sometime next week. As of right now I am no longer in Sheffield due to personal reasons. You will of course get your kit if you have ordered it you may just have to wait an extended amount of time until I am again availble. I am sorry about this incovinece. I will update you as soon as I am able to hand out kit. 

2. If you have ordered varisty kit we cannot offer refunds as it is from an outside company. I am incredbly sorry for this inconvience with Varisty being cancelled. We hope you can still enjoy your Team Hallam Pole kit, see it as a souvenir of surviving these mad times!

3. *NEW* Mogrel croc the suppliers of our kit are now working on a reduced staffing and are having some supply difficulties. Kit may be delayed due to this. I will post when I have recieved the kit. 


1. The world keeps spinning and nominations and elections MUST go ahead. The society will exist next year and it needs a committee to head it. Nominations will close this Friday and Elections will open on Monday. Voting is all online this year and so shopuld not be disrupted whatever happens. We will be reminding you everyday to get on and VOTE!!

2. *NEW* Unfortunatley we have had to cancel our first part of our AGM this Monday 23rd due to new government advice. However we still want to give those running for a committee position the chance to do their speeches for you guys. So we will be livestreaming our AGM on Monday 23rd 7pm on our memebrs only facebook group. Please if you can spare the time sit down with your laptop and listen to these girls speeches. It will help you make your decsion to vote. We will also be working on some games and fun stuff to do during the live stream to keep you all entertained as well. If you are not avaliable for the livestream head over to the members group and read up on the manifestos. Inform your vote and make the right choice for the society. 

Class Times

You can purchase your membership and join us at any time of the year!

*Membership required before purchasing classes!*   

Monday 7pm-8pm Eve

Tuesday 5-6pm Eve 

Wednesday 8pm-9pm Jenni                                    

Thursday 5pm-6pm Eve                                          

Friday 5-6pm Sasha

*NEW* Lyrical/Contemporary flow dance class Friday 6-7pm Sasha 

*NEW* Heels class last Wednesday of every month 8-9pm Jenni

All classes are £4!!!!

Please purchase your spot on the website before attending or you will not be allowed to pole!

Once a class has been bought it cannot be swapped to a different day/week. If you are unable to make it to a class then please feel free to post it onto the facebook page and another member may buy the place off you, we are unfortunately unable to offer refunds on classes. The society committee and students union will not be responsible for the swapping of classes between members, including the payment. 

Studio Address

Butterfly Fitness Studio    
49a Valley Road                                             
Sheffield, S8 9FT

The studio is located in a courtyard, behind a black gate next to a red door, if the gate/door is closed please message the pole chat or call Eve (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) - 07977 135870 Jenni (Wednesday) - 07411067260 and Sasha (Friday) - 07852 933579. Once through the gate/door go across to the right hand side of the courtyard, and the studio is located up some black metal stairs.

Why Join Pole Fitness?

The Hallam Union Pole society aims to provide a fun way to get fit, toned, and flexible. We offer:

  • Classes - 5 days a week, no requirements and all abilities welcome

  • Competing - we do showcases, varsity and road trips to pole comepetitions 

  • Socialising - weekly and fortnightly socials, including themed and joint socials and Sports Tour!

  • Photoshoots - with professional photographers at our studio

We welcome everyone regardless of gender or body type. We provide frequent classes with a great atmosphere and excellent teaching standards. We are a welcoming, encouraging and mutually empowering society where friends are easily made. Hallam Union Pole have been awarded:

Society of the Month December 2019 

Society of the Month April 2019

Soceity Event of the Month April 2019

Sheffield Pole Fitness Varsity 2018 Winners!

Best Event 2017 and 2016

Most Improved Society of the year 2014.

Best New Society 2013

Social Media

Snapchat: steelcitypole
Instagram: @hallamunionpole
Twitter: @hallamunionpole
Facebook: Hallam Union Pole Society

What does pole fitness look like?

I don't think I am fit enough

We have one answer to that! Pole is for ALL shapes and sizes.






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