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Welcome to Sheffield Hallam Student’s Union Programming Society!


About Us


We are an open to all society accessible for people who have a keen interest in programming. Regardless of whether your course is computing related or not we thrive to be as inclusive as possible and as such are happy to spend time with our members to upskill them in programming as a whole. We also have a diverse range of members who are all at varying skill levels including experienced programmers who are happy to help with our events and provide support to others.


What we intend to offer



We will be hosting code jams periodically throughout the year that will be taught by members of the society covering a range of topics such as languages, libraries and frameworks, some of which are not covered in the syllabuses of the computing courses (or any for that matter). It's a great opportunity to get exposure to new technologies and gain experience or to work on fun projects (individually or in teams) and inadvertently refine skills which will be used over the course of your career.



We will also run a number of social events for members including but not limited to: Nights out/Casual pub drinks, Meals/Cinema evenings, Trips to the Peak District, Laser Quest and much more, so there will be something for everyone.


Learn New Technologies

If the members are interested in learning new programming languages/skills outside of the course or want to go more in depth than the course takes them, we are open to hosting ad-hoc sessions to facilitate this.


Career Support

A number of the members will be looking for Graduate jobs and Placement opportunities. As such we have a method in place of sharing opportunities that may not be relevant to you (due to location etc.) but could be of interest to another member. This way the members get access to opportunities that they may not otherwise have found. We also have a member who has a background as a specialist IT Recruitment Consultant who is on hand provide advice and support with all aspects of your job search including CV writing, interview preparation etc.


Discord Server

We also have a discord server set up for the society as we're aware that a lot of members have a keen interest in gaming and we'd like to give the opportunity for members to connect with each other outside the planned events. In conjunction with this, we intend to have game nights where the members get together to play any game they want.

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