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Ever been interested in motorsports racing?

Why not take your passion one step further by joining the karting society!

In the karting society, we give you the opportunity to get involved in the beauty of competitive and non-competitive motorsports.

Whether it’ll be your first time behind a wheel, or you hold the lap record at your local track, we will have events running throughout the year to cater to everyone!


Teamsport Events: Every 2-4 weeks. We will be hosting regular arrive & drive society trips at our local indoor track, Teamsport Sheffield. If popular by demand, we may also look to host a few competitive events at Teamsport as well - such as our own 'SHU Karting Championship' as the year progresses. 

Outdoor Karting: Every so often we will also take trips to outdoor tracks in and around the Yorkshire area to give members a chance to race outdoors. Perfect for those drivers who want to race outdoors, but don't necessarily have the funds/ability to race in the BUKC at the moment.

BUKC: In 2018, Sheffield Hallam came 5th in the BUKC (British University Karting Championships) Rookie Championship, even getting a 3rd place podium finish in round 3 at Hooton Park! The BUKC hosts its rounds at some of the best karting tracks throughout the UK including Whilton Mill and Buckmore Park. We look to continue this success into 2018/19 as we aim to get our A team into next years main championship - so if you are a keen karter looking to take your skills to the track against other universities, we want to hear from you! For more information on the championship see http://www.bukc.co.uk/

Socials: Of course race day couldn't be complete without socials. After every SHU Karting race event, we will be hosting socials at various bars/clubs in Sheffield City - of course, you will all receive your discount cards! So far, we have deals with “Organised Chaos” events, Bierkeller and Walkabout 

See you on the track!


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