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Thai boxing (or muay thai) is a competitive martial art/combat sport originating from Thailand that utilizes effective stand-up striking techniques as well as stand-up grappling/throws/sweeps from a 'clinching' position. The Martial art has widely become known as one of THE most effective martial arts and its striking diversity and use of the clinch has made it one of the most popular styles for mixed martial artists and kickboxers alike.


At the Sheffield Hallam Thai Boxing Society, we offer top quality training at least twice a week with one of Sheffield's greatest practitioners – Christian Di Paolo. Christian has over 20 years of experience, has held a vast number of titles, and is dedicated to delivering the best quality training in order to teach proper technique and put your cardiovascular fitness through the roof!


Of course while training is encouraged (but not compulsory), we offer a range of different activities such as gathering together to watch the UFC, attending live events, becoming a qualified referee/judge and just generally having a great time with the rest of our members.


Expect some great nights (both out and in), hilarious moments, a whole array of society perks and maybe a few bruises ;)


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