Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is run by five, full time, elected Student Officers and exists to provide representation, facilities, services and activities to its members.


Yo Dudes!

Welcome to Sheffield Hallam Surf Society's page.

Come and check us out on the 20th of September at the activities fair at the Hubs, our first impressions never disappoint!!

We have heaps of stuff lined up for this year and our rad committee are working round the clock setting stuff up to make sure this year is totally awesome dudes! 

Firstly we have socials every other week, where we take you to some of the best nights out, play games, and you know.. have a drink or two. 

We have BUCs Surf championships in Newquay (12th -15th Oct) where we surf and party with all the uni surf teams round the country. 

Regular surf trips to the coast and the Flow Rider wave machine throughout the year.

We're currently organising a week away surfing in Fuerteventura/Morocco this Winter and France Summer 2018

So if you can shred with the best of em, surf the white water or just like chilling on a beach and partying. Get involved, SHU Surf wants you!


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Equality and Diversity Officer
Charles Rands
Eliot Riley
Joseph Walker
Elizabeth Garnett

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