Sheffield Hallam Students' Union is run by five, full time, elected Student Officers and exists to provide representation, facilities, services and activities to its members.


ACS (Afro-Caribbean Society) is a growing multi-cultural community in Sheffield with members from various cities across the UK.

 We would like to openly welcome all ethnicities and cultures to our society to celebrate, learn and teach each other about our diverse cultures and backgrounds. It’s important to feel a sense of community when you are away from home and our society encourages this in order to make you feel at home!


 We have amazing events ranging from ACS ‘Take Me Out' to debate nights and many more, we can guarantee great entertainment (drama, dance, live music, comedy and more), as well as programmes and advisors to help individuals in developing their careers, studies and personal goals.


 We are here to help you in your university transition and ensure your time here is fun, exciting and as comfortable as possible. We have a vision to impact all those we come into contact with in a positive manner. We will try to diversify all our events and ensure the society is live.


Come and be part of this exciting society.

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Equality and Diversity Officer
Sinem Salman
Events Coordinator
Varaidzo Kandemiiri
Jake Goldstein
Public Relations
Kaprhys Leebryan
Joanna Sichivula
Feyisayo Olaleru

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