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Hello! We are Sheffield Hallams' Environmental Preservation Society (SHSUEPS) and we are a brand new society who have opened this September! We are looking for a group of like-minded individuals to join us to tackle some of the leading causes of Climate Change in our university, daily lifes and the world around us! We will be covering a range of issues such as: 

  •  Plastic Pollution
  • Zero Waste
  • Deforestation 
  • Saving the Bees
  • Animal exploitation 
  • Animal Extinction 

Through these different topics, we have created four action points to tackle the issues:

  1. How we can make changes in our daily living
  2. Activism 
  3. Social events as a society 
  4. Projects within our univeristy 

We will hold meetings every wednesday evening and social events will be posted both on our website, our instagram and facebook page. Each month there will be a new focus on what we can tackle and change next. 


We are so excited for this new adventure and so excited to meet everyone who feels the same!!













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