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SHSU True Crime Society is a place for wannabe detectives, armchair sleuths, Forensic Files addicts, and anyone in between to get together and chat about topics from disappearances, to murders, to serial pick-pockets. Any case; cold, old, infamous, or unheard of is down for discussion, and anyone interested is welcome.

Each week you will get the chance to pick a case and we can all discuss it together, coming up with our own opinions and theories around them. We also involve guest speakers and trips relevant to famous and local cases so we can get up close and personal to some of the most infamous crimes in our country- and of course, we have regular socials and meet-ups in more casual and pint-oriented settings! 

We conduct our socials in a tactful and sensitive manner. Despite what we discuss is often unpleasant; we provide trigger warnings for each case before we discuss them, never display graphic imagery, and in no way condone the crimes we discuss. Our society is a safe space for those interested in criminal psychology and the darker sides of real life to talk about them openly and share our curiosity. 


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