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Horror Movie Club

Whether you’re a casual fan, a psychotic horror buff or are just up for a scare with some friends, the SHSU Horror Movie Club is a place you can enjoy the illustrious world of horror movies in all its gruesome glory!


The society offers weekly sessions in which society members can communally and casually enjoy watching a whole range of fantastic horror movies (based on suggestions by the members). The sessions will also offer discussions and debates which members can weigh-in on, plus quizzes, games and any other fun creative ways we can find to collectively enjoy our love for horror!

If you think this something you’d enjoy then feel free to come to the next session, and bring popcorn!



Mondays, 6pm-9pm 

Owen 1033

First session: 13th November 2017

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Equality & Diversity Officer
Edward Maxfield
Adam Thomson
Alexander Odell
Poppy Holford

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