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''Mental wellbeing is important for health and social care professionals as we’re responsible for so many people. We deal with such complexities and uncertainties and can easily burn out if we don’t look after our mental health.'' 

  • Professions in the field of health and social care are very demanding and we want to help students to understand the importance of self care, as we believe it is one of the most important skills to carry into these professions in order to be successful!

  • The Social Well-being Society (SWS) aims to support students to have a seperate and positive social life whilst studying such a demanding profession within health and social care. We want to support students to develop their knowledge within these fields as well as having time to do the things they want to do.

  • This society is open to all as we believe in social inclusion and so we have a diverse range of social events to suit everyones taste. However just to note that our events and learning have a health and social care focus.

By joining our events we can support social care organisations, other students and learn more about health and social care which will enhance our knowledge and help when starting our careers.

We are a new society so get involved to see what we have to offer!

Our Committee:

Isobel Green - President 

Kayleigh Lowe - Vice President 

Matt Witter - Secretary 

Laura Fosbueary - Treasurer 

Rosie Tunney - Equality and Diversity Officer 


We are currently looking for students to join our A-Team committee, can you help?  No experience is required but if you can use social media, keep in touch with members and making sure everyone feels welcomed, get in touch at: to chat about available positions.


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