To complete the Hallam Award you will need to do the following steps:

1. Firstly, you will need to register for the Hallam Award in order to have access to the online forms below.

2. Complete 1-3 Skill Development Forms and the Final Report Form by clicking the link below (only write about ONE skill per form).

Skill Development and Final Report Forms


Verification of activities

ALL activities used for the Hallam Award that are external to the Students' Union and university, such as, volunteering with a charitable organisation, will need to be verified. It will be the students' responsibility to supply the Hallam Award team with this verification upon submitting their final submission. Verifications will be submitted electronically via an upload function along with the student's forms.

Marking Criteria
The Marking Criteria will also help you understand what kind of information we are requiring you to provide in your Hallam Award. Please download the ‘Marking Criteria’.

Download our Marking Criteria

Top Tips

  • We want the Hallam Award to provide you with information that you can then use when writing CV's, job applications or preparing for interviews. One way to do this is to find a job advert for the industry you want to work in or your dream job. The key skills for the role will be outlined in the person specification and this could help you to identify what skills to discuss in your Key Skill Development Forms and in the Final Report.
  • We want you to write 3 Key Skill Development Forms any more or any less and your application will be void
  • When writing your Key Skill Development Form aim to write a paragraph or two for each section - but remember to be to the point and avoid waffling!
  • The Hallam Award is only able to cover extra-curricular activities through the Students' Union or university in the current academic year. You can refer to previous or external extra-curricular activities within your reflection.
  • Get feedback on your work, we have noticed students that make the most of our support do tend to achieve the higher award levels. We have a list of our workshops and drop in sessions you can view and take advantage of this support.