Sheffield Hallam Students' Union's Student Voice Report reflects the student experience through the collection and analysis of feedback from students at Sheffield Hallam University.

By collating this information into a single report, we are able to establish clear actions, priorities and goals which can be reached through a joint partnership with students and the University. The report considers feedback, both positive and negative, to give a fair and balanced view of what is working well, and what could be improved at Sheffield Hallam University. Prior to the main body of feedback, there is a description of how the feedback is gathered, a summary of what has been learned this year with recommended outcomes for improving the student experience, and the impact of previous reports.

Why your feedback matters

Below are just a couple of examples of how your feedback has been used in the Student Voice Report to contribute to making change for the benefit of Hallam students in partnership with the University.

You told us: Disadvantaged students need financial support from the University, and you're worried this will be cut.

Our Student Voice Report recommended that: The University ensures funding to support its most disadvantaged students continues at the same or higher level.

The University took action: £1million has been made available in student support funding, with students who fall into more than one of the eligible categories now able to claim larger sums for the support.

You told us: Too many of you are travelling long distances just to get to your teaching placement.

Our Student Voice Report recommended that: The University reviews placement allocation and identifies where long distance travel is most negatively affecting students.

The University took action: There has been substantial investment in developing resources that support relationships with partner schools, and there is an increased availability of placements. Far fewer students were travelling long distances in the last academic year than before.

Your ongoing feedback, through things like questionnaires and focus groups, is really important to the Students' Union to help us continue to make the voice of Hallam students heard.

View the Student Voice Report 2016/17 in full to see all the recommendations made as a result of your feedback.