Find out more about the events, campaigns and activities of our liberation groups

Find out more about the events, campaigns and activities of our liberation groups

Liberation campaigns focus on the rights of people who are often underrepresented and disadvantaged within education and society as a whole. These groups are made up of, and led by, students who self-identify within the group each campaign concentrates on. They provide a space to share experiences, discuss issues, raise awareness, and campaign for change.

This year has been an exciting time for Liberation at Hallam with some huge wins and achievements including the launch of our first Liberation Conference discussing the current state of equality in society.

This year, Students' Union Council passed a range of liberation-based polices:

  • no-platform to racism and fascism
  • zero tolerance to sexual harassment
  • to change our use of 'LGBT' to 'LGBT+' to encompass the hundreds of different ways people can define their romanticism, sexuality and gender
  • to ensure at least one member of each society and sports club committee attends diversity and welfare training
  • to develop our Diversity and Equal Opportunities training programme to include mental health awareness, liberation awareness and financial support
  • to improve awareness of sexual health issues and the support available to students

See the full list of policies here.

If you would like more information on the liberation groups or are considering getting involved, please visit the individual group pages (below) for contact details. If you are unsure of who to contact or have a general question about liberation at Sheffield Hallam Students' Union, please contact our Campaigns team here: