We're a democratic organisation run for Hallam students, by Hallam students.
Our annual elections decide which students represent you at all levels of the Students' Union's management.

Autumn 2018 Election Results

After a record turnout of 1043 voters, we are excited to announce your winners of the 2018 Autumn elections:

Student Trustee

2018 WINNERS ↓

Haider Iqbal
Nneka Okereke
Hunaida Bhabha

What does a Student Trustee do? ↓

Student Trustees are full members  of Sheffield Hallam Students' Union's Board of Trustees, providing a student perspective on their discussions and decisions. They attend Board meetings and help make decisions to benefit students of Sheffield Hallam.

How can I be a Student Trustee? ↓

You would need to take part in an election when a Trustee position is available. Trustees are elected for indefinite terms, meaning they will continue to be a Trustee until they graduate, or until they decide to step down. This means positions on the Trustee Board do not become available on a set schedule - though at least one or two do typically become available each year. If you are interested in being a Student Trustee, register your interest with us and we can contact you directly when a position becomes available.

Union Council Open Space Reps

2018 WINNERS ↓

Jingze Liu
Abdi Hassan
Oscar Ward
Kaz Gipson
William Evanson
Catherine Frimpomaa

What does an Open Space Rep do? ↓

Hallam Students' Union is a democratic organisation, and Union Council is where your democratically elected representatives meet, debate and vote on the issues that decide how the Union is run. It has significant power to support and improve the student experience at Hallam. Other members of Union Council represent the views of a particular set of students, but the Open Space reps are representatives of the student population in general. They are full members of the council, participating in discussions and votes on issues that are brought to council meetings. They can also submit policy themselves, so they can directly suggest and influence change to student life at Hallam.

How can I be an Open Space Rep? ↓

Open Space Reps serve a one-year term, so positions are available at the start of every academic year. If you wanted to be an Open Space Rep, you would need to nominate yourself and campaign in the next Autumn Elections in October 2019. If you're interested in this, you can register your interest here, and we'll get in touch next year to remind you the election is coming up and explain what you'd need to do to take part.

Part-Time Students' Rep

2018 WINNER ↓

Lydia McGuinness

What does the Part-Time Students' Rep do? ↓

Student reps are elected to represent specific groups of students at Hallam. They work on events, campaigns and projects, and ensure their student group has a voice in the Students’ Union’s decisions. The Part-Time Students' Rep is the representative for students studying part-time, working to improve their student experience.

How can I be the Part-Time Students' Rep? ↓

Student Reps are elected for a one-year term, so the position is now filled for 2018/19 academic year. If you'd like to be the next Part-Time Students' Rep you will need to nominate yourself and run in the Spring 2019 elections - if you win, you will then be the Part-Time Students' Rep for the 2019/20 academic year. If you're interested in this, you can register your interest here and we'll contact you with more information when Spring elections are closer.

NUS National Conference Delegates

2018 WINNERS ↓

Sheriff Muhammed
Nabeela Mowlana
Goodluck Oguzie
Gabrielle Willis
Hunaida Bhabha
Chiyemenma Kejeh
Harriett Hamber-Stott
Kashmire Hawker

What do NUS Conference Delegates do? ↓

NUS is the National Union of Students - they are a political organisation representing over 7 million students, focusing on issues that affect students like you. The NUS annual national conference is where its policies are passed,and where its executive officers are elected - so everything NUS works on during the year, and the people that lead that work, are decided there. Issues are debated and voted on, and the decisions made can lead to major political change at a national level. Your NUS delegates are the students who will represent Hallam at this important conference.

How can I be an NUS Conference Delegate? ↓

NUS Conference Delegates are elected at the start of each academic year, so the delegation for the 2019 conference has now been decided. If you would like to be an NUS delegate in the future, you can take part in the Autumn 2019 elections - the delegates elected then will represent Hallam at the 2020 NUS national conference. If you're interested, you can register your interest here, and we'll send you more information closer to the time.

Want to see your name on this page? Register your interest in upcoming elections and we'll keep you directly updated on how you can take part in the future.