Union Council is Hallam Students' Union's highest decision-making body. Its members are Hallam students who have been elected in campus-wide elections to represent particular issues or groups, or just the general student population.

If you have feedback or opinions on any of the above proposed policies, you can contact edward.robinson@shu.ac.uk with your comments. 

All students are welcome to attend Union Council sessions, though we ask that you let us know in advance so we can add your attendance to the minutes, as well as send you over the Microsoft Teams link.

Council Members 2021/22

 Union Council Chair: Iyanu Mobolaji 

Open Space Rep: Amara Ezeocha 

 President: Praise Ishola Open Space Rep Devon Clarke
Social Sciences and Arts College Officer: Zainab Ata Open Space Rep: Moksha Kottaganda Bollikatti
 Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences College Officer: Elena Bowley Open Space Rep: Oluwatobi Alonge
 Business, Technology and Engineering College Officer: Adeyemi Otebolaku  Open Space Rep: Uju Vanessa Okoroafor
 Wellbeing, Sport and Phsyical Activity Officer: Scarlett Parr Open Space Rep:  Shivam Kumar
 International Students' Officer: Sabah Khan  International Students Committee Chair: -Vacant-
 Disabled Students' Rep: -Vacant- Volunteering Committee Chair: -Vacant-
 Womens' Rep: Emily Jones Societies Committee Chair: -Vacant- 
 LGBTQIA+ Students' Rep: Emily Greenwood Education Committee Chair: -Vacant- 
Trans Students' Rep: Thea Matthews Padley Wellbeing Committee Chair: -Vacant- 
 BME Students' Rep: Becky Deinde  Sports Committee Delegate: -Vacant- 
 Mature Students' Rep: -Vacant- Womens Committee Delegate: -Vacant- 
Student Parent & Carers' Rep: Misbah Hasham Ticklay  Mature Students' Committee Delegate: -Vacant- 
 Postgraduate Taught Students' Rep: Toheeb Adebiyi Adegoke Trans Students Committee Delegate: -Vacant- 
Postgraduate Research Students' Rep: Sarthak Mondal  BME Committee Delegate: -Vacant- 
 Part-Time Students' Rep: Harshal Anand Patil LGBT+ Committee Delegate: -Vacant- 
  Disabled Students Committee Delegate: -Vacant- 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who represents me on Union Council?

Every student is represented by the five full-time officers, a representative for their academic faculty, and the six open space representatives. If you belong to one or more student demographics or groups, you may also have particular representation for these. If you have an issue or concern, it's best to address it to the representative/s who are most closely linked to the area concerned.

What power does Council have?

Union Council is the highest decision-making body at the Students' Union, with power to decide our stance on political issues, what projects we should focus our time and resources on, and how we should run as an organisation. If you want to make change, Union Council is the best place to bring your ideas - you can send them to a Council member, or to edward.robinson@shu.ac.uk and we'll advise you on what to do next.

How could I become a Council member?

All Council members are elected in campus elections. The next one will take place in Autumn 2019, when 12 seats on Council will be elected. These include the six open space positions (which any student can stand for), and representatives for Postgraduates (Taught), Postgraduates (Research), Student Parents and Carers, Disabled Students, Part-Time Students, Trans Students, and SSH Faculty students. If you're interested in running for one of these roles and being on Council next academic year, register your interest here and we'll be in touch with more information.

Can I complain about or change a Council decision?

Policies passed by Council cannot be changed until the next academic year - so if there's something you're unhappy with, consider taking part in the Autumn elections and you could work to change it next year! (Or contact next year's representatives to request the change to be made). If you have a complaint or concern about any other aspect of Council or its members decisions, let us know and we'll advise you of your options.