The Students' Union is led by students, for students. Find out how you can shape the decisions we make - you've got the power!

Structure Diagram

Union Council

The Students' Union is a democratic organisation. Each year the leaders of the Students' Union, the Student Officer Team, are elected in the campus wide Students' Union Elections.

At the heart of the Students' Union is Union Council. Union Council, the highest decision-making body within the Students' Union, is made up of 29 students including Student Officers, Reps & Zone Chairs. All students can feed into the Union Council via the open zones; Your Education Zone, Your Community Zone and Your Students' Union Zone.

The last online Union Council meeting was held on Tuesday 19th May from 2-4pm. The agenda is here and the minutes can be viewed here

If there's something you're passionate about, that you think the Students' Union could make a difference on, then why not see if you can make it an official policy? 

What is a Policy?

A policy is an idea that a student, or a number of students, have had which they believe will make the student experience at Sheffield Hallam University better. It's something that they want the Students' Union to work on in order to make their Students' Union, their Education, or their time in Sheffield better. Once passed, policies are binding for three years - and the Students' Union needs to work to make sure they happen!

As a Students' Union we have a number of policies on everything ranging from ensuring students are treating equally through to ensuring we campaign for fair student fares on public transport. You can find the full list of our policies on our policy register

In order for your idea to become policy, you need to first submit it to us by completing a new Idea below. Once your idea is submitted, you'll recieve an email from our Policy and Camapigns team providing support on making sure that it becomes official policy.