Nursing & Midwifery Campaign

The Nursing & Midwifery Campaign is to support students in getting their voices heard and improving their experience, and we have made significant progress working alongside the university this Semester and are committed to continuing this work. This includes carrying out Student Workshops to allow students the opportunity to feedback their thoughts on the reactive work the University has been doing to provide a good-quality student experience across the Department.

This campaign started when our Nursing & Midwifery Department Rep came to us with feedback from students about their dissatisfaction & anger at the current processes in their School. A lot of N&M students felt that they were unsupported and ignored when it came to issues around wellbeing, placements, academic support, whistleblowing and communication. From this feedback & a meeting organised by the RCN we coordinated meetings with University management, including the Dean of the College, to lobby the University on improving issues that have been causing students distress for well over a year. We got them to commit to an action plan addressing several of the key issues identified by students and are currently monitoring their work and providing a voice to students who want to give their opinions on the new processes & resources being put in place. 

We would like to thank members of the SU team for their tireless work towards this progress, including our Health, Wellbeing, and Life Sciences College Officer, Misbah Ticklay, who has been invaluable in helping us bring together multiple streams of information. She has been involved in multiple key strategic groups within the SU and the University, and has passed on vital information to our team on the experiences of students from across the College. Notably, she is one of the key members of the Silver Group set up by the University to complete crucial work on the issues raised by students, as well as regularly meeting with senior staff at the University to ensure up-to-date information is being communicated. This campaign also could not have happened without our Nursing & Midwifery Department & Course Reps gathering important feedback & evidence from our students. If you want to engage with us on how to improve your course & student experience then get in touch with your course rep

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Latest Updates

What we've achieved so far: 

  • Getting the University to commit to a plan around the key issues students have raised, to provide solutions in a timely manner
  • Weekly meetings with the working group from teams across the SU to discuss campaign progression, this includes our Department Rep so we can hear feedback from student level regularly
  • SU staff are in attendance at the Incident Management Silver Group set up by the university with 6 focus areas: Recovery Plan, Finance, Health & Wellbeing, Skill Set Impact, Communication, and Placements
  • This Silver Group has now created a Disabled Student Support Group 
  • Our team meets with the Placement Recovery Lead and Dean of the College regularly
  • We have set up Student Workshops for students to meet with our team to discuss your thoughts and suggestions about the recovery plan and changes being implemented in the department

What we're working on:

  • Completing our workshops with students so we can give the University student opinions on their current plans to improve their offer. 
  • Lobbying on areas that haven't been covered in initial plans by the University, such as a holistic approach to wellbeing & timetabling issues. 
  • Monitoring the University's progress to make sure solutions are put in place for the issues students have been dealing with.

Contact Us & Get Involved

Want to run a campaign about your academic experiences? Get in touch with the Student Rights and Campaigns team or the Representation team.

The Student Rights and Campaigns team can be contacted at studentrights@shu.ac.uk.

The Representation team can be contacted at studentreps@shu.ac.uk

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