LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ mental health

Here at the SU we understand that our LGBTQ+ students can face additional barriers whilst studying and we are here to support you and your wellbeing. Your Student Rights team stand up for your issues.

SHSU, in collaboration with Sheffield's award-winning social enterprise E.D.E.N. and our incredible LGBTQ+ student volunteers, have created four mental health focused videos. We hope that these videos will help you feel supported and encourage you to think about your mental health and wellbeing. They were planned, scripted and performed by our LGBTQ+ student volunteers who's stories your SU want to represent. We hope you feel supported within our student community because we care about your wellbeing.

  • My Experiences

  • Barriers We Face

  • How Can I Access Support?

  • Looking After Yourself


November 2022

Following the release of our video project we are excited to let you know that we are working closely with a Hallam student and SHU’s LGBTQ+ Staff Network to request a suitable space at both campuses for a pride rainbow mural. We hope this mural will help our students feel their University is a safe and inclusive space. Here at your SU we care about your wellbeing and we represent your issues to key members of SHU staff who can make change happen. We know there is lots going on behind the scenes to ensure your campuses are safe and inclusive - now we want that message to be spread boldly on our walls! If you would like to join this project, have thoughts on our videos, or would like to work on an LGBTQ+ related campaign, please email studentrights@shu.ac.uk and remember to sign up to our newsletter.

If you have experienced any behaviours or actions which are not inclusive, it is important you report this to the University. If you need support doing this you can contact our Advice Centre.

December 2022

Proposal plans are well under way for our Pride Mural request which we will be submitting to the University. We have a range of locations suggested by staff and students and would love feedback on these. Are there any spaces you would like to see a pride mural across the buildings you use on campus? Please get in touch to have a chat with your Student Rights Team about your ideas and we can talk you through our plans.

We have met with additional members of SHU’s LGBTQ+ staff network. They are working on lots of important projects behind the scenes, which we can share with you next year.  Student Rights have agreed to work more closely with this network to ensure you are kept up to date about all the amazing action they are taking to create an inclusive university space for staff and students alike. Find out more about their activity at @hallamlgbtstaff.

We believe that working together will help generate networks and a sense of community that we know our students need.

We are currently arranging a workshop called ‘A Thriving Community: facing the barriers for LGBTQ+ SHU students’ which will happen towards the end of January. When we have set the date, you will be able to book on and share your thoughts and experiences with key staff members across your SU and the University.

If you would like further information or to be involved with this project, please contact us at studentrights@shu.ac.uk.


Why is this project important?

A national student survey called 'Being Well Doing' in 2021 received almost 200 responses from Sheffield Hallam LGBTQ+ students. The survey covered a range of wellbeing themes including life satisfaction and mental health. The results of this were very concerning to us. We were worried to find our LGBTQ+ students were more likely to feel they were not achieving their potential and that they did not feel optimistic about their future. Your Students' Union is a place to go for support with wellbeing; we listen to our students when they tell us about their experiences and we want to shine a light on their voices to help them feel empowered.


Responses from the National Student Survey in 2021 showed that less than 50% of our LGBTQ+ students felt part of our SU community. We are working to create a space where you feel you belong. You can join our LGBTQ+ Society or contact our LGBTQ+ Part-Time Rep or Trans Part-Time Rep. We would love to welcome you to become part of our LGBTQ+ Working Committee. With lots of opportunities to connect with students and SU staff, we want to change how you feel about our organisation and your time at university. Joining these groups or volunteering for these roles means you will have a say about how your SU is run and what campaigns we focus on. This work inspired your Student Rights Team to develop this LGBTQ+ mental health video project, with our volunteers' voices at the heart.

How did we run this project?

This project was led by student staff Owen, our Wellbeing Project Assistant. He recruited a brilliant group of LGBTQ+ student volunteers who worked with local specialist social enterprise E.D.E.N. to plan and script the four videos. Their ideas entirely drove the content; we wanted to showcase their experiences for other students to see. We wanted to represent their issues, in their words. They utilised our SU Research and Insight Team who provided up to date research for them to build into their content.


Our volunteer Robert who appears in the video said "It was interesting to create ideas about the filming days. In addition, I have achieved some interpersonal skills and have met new fellow students… at SHSU we have interesting projects which encourage a lot of contribution from volunteers. Besides that, it will enhance your skills and connection during your study."

Who are E.D.E.N.?

E.D.E.N. are an award-winning social enterprise working with the LGBTQ+ community providing filmmaking workshops, producing short and feature films alongside hosting screening events. Follow @e.d.e.n_film_productions to find out more about their projects.


E.D.E.N.'s founder and CEO Claire said "SHSU was great to work with, aiding the support needed for the project and logistics, especially for the filming. The volunteers did very well producing a script, shot list and concept for the short film, alongside acting in the film. I think this was one of the highlights for the project." E.D.E.N.'s videographer Jordan explained "The SHSU feels very inclusive and accessible. The effort put into the film says it all."

What next?

As our volunteer Robert said "From my point of view, volunteers contributed quite a lot towards the organisation. Nonetheless, it should be encouraged to be more." We agree with Robert!


We will be showcasing these videos to key SU staff, University staff, elected student reps and Officers alongside our students. This workshop will result in recommendations that the SU and the University will be accountable for. We will be agreeing on recommendations to enhance and improve the LGBTQ+ student experience. We will update this page with the outcome of our workshop and progress on our actions. Would you like to join this project to ensure the campaign has lasting impact? Contact your Student Rights Team.