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Cost of Living

What is cost of living and why is it important?

Cost of living refers to how much it costs to pay for day to day essentials, such as travel, gas & electric, water, food and rent. Due to a variety of factors including the removal of energy cost caps by the government. The rise in these costs disproportionately impacts people on low income, including students, and especially liberation students. 

Financial pressures can cause a decline in mental & physcial health as well as possible loss of housing and worsening of academic perfomance. 

Latest Updates

21st September

Welcome week has started up again and you'll be starting to see our Cost of Living stickers on various freebies given out over the next couple of weeks. We know that a pot noodle or facemask won't stop the Cost of Living crisis, but we're hoping to reach enough students for our campaign that we can make some real impact! If you're interested in getting involved in our upcoming campaign then subscribe to our mailing list (on the main campaigns page) and we'll let you know what opportunities come up!

13th September 2022

We just attended a NUS Campaigning Day for Cost of Living! The day allowed us to meet with other Union activists around the country and come up with a game plan for our national campaign. We'll be lobbying the Government for better emergency support & a crisis plan, raising maintenance loans & the apprentinceship living wage and working towards free public transport and rent controls.

We're also currently analysing our first round of the Cost of Living survey that closed in August. Our Second round of the survey that will go out to everyone will be published on the 10th October. We have made sure all our campaigning events  We'll also be creating content around financial literacy & advice, but if you're in any financial hardship make sure to apply to the hardship fund or reach out to our advice team to get emergency food vouchers (their services are linked below under related resources).

Contact Us & Get Involved

Feeling powerless or frustrated at the current cost of living? Want to run a campaign on this? Get in touch with the Student Rights and Campaigns team.

Student Rights and Campaigns team can be contacted at studentrights@shu.ac.uk.

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