A global movement championed by the United Nations, 16 Days Against Gendered Violence focuses on being a time to ‘galvanise action to end violence against women and girls around the world’. The campaign highlights the global issue of gendered violence and the atrocities that so many people are still facing today from every corner of the world.


How you can support the campaign:


Join us at one of the following events:


24 November Reclaim The Night March Event Details

3rd December Vigil For Transgender Victims of Gender-Based Violence Event Details

10th December Vigil For Victims of Domestic Abuse Event Details


Join the discussion:


Tweet @HallamWomensRep and @HallamUnion with your ideas for campaigns and how you’d like to see gender based violence tackled at SHU #16dayshallam #nogenderviolenceshu

You can also register your interest below to receive updates on upcoming events and campaigns, such as consent and active bystander workshops.



"Gender-based violence continues to be a serious problem, including on university campuses." Gabby Willis - SHSU Women's Rep

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