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Disability History Month

What is Disability History Month and why is it important?

Disability History Month is a national awareness month that recognises the historic issues that Disabled people have faced and their impact on our society & disability rights. It runs from the 18th November - 18th December and this year's theme is Disability, Health & Wellbeing. 

Disabled men are three times less likely to attain qualifications than non-disabled men, based on Office of National Statistics data. 2019’s National Student Survey found that disabled students are slightly less satisfied with their course and wider learning experience than their non-disabled counterparts (81.4 per cent compared with 84.3 per cent). Disabled graduates are also less likely to progress onto highly skilled employment or postgraduate study (ONS data shows a 1.8 percentage point gap for full-time students graduating in 2017).

This is massively impacting Hallam students, with 19.8% identifying themselves to us as disabled. 

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We're currently planning for this month, if you want to be involved then checkout below. 

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Want to run a campaign about being disabled or disability rights? Want to get involved in future history months? Get in touch with the Student Rights and Campaigns team.

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