In a world with so much injustice, it can feel hopeless. However, the rights we enjoy today - from voting to the NHS - were all fought for by campaigners and activists before us. Through effective campaigning and people power - our goal is that every single student at Hallam is empowered with the tools and knowledge to take action on the issues that matter to you.

What a campaign is

A campaign is a group of people with common interests, coming together to make change on an issue, whether it’s housing, equality or the environment. Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion and School Strike for Climate are all campaigns which are empowering people to take action and change the world.


A Students' Union-supported campaign is:

  • Run by multiple students
  • Led by students, for students
  • Runs over a minimum of 3 months
  • It combines events with community-organising - bringing people together to take action
  • Aims to make structural change (a shift in the way things are done) at Sheffield Hallam University
  • Doesn't duplicate an existing campaign
  • Utilises multiple platforms and tactics to apply pressure and make change.

Example: Sheffield Hallam Students' Union's 'Safety Net' campaign, which pressured the University to introduce policies to help students during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. The campaign was led by a combination of Student Reps, Officers and students. Campaigners presented evidence to the University to persuade them of the need. They also launched an extremely popular petition, filming student testimonials to create a social media campaign, in order to pressure the University. As a result, the 'Fairer Outcomes' policy was introduced.


Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, campaigners were unable to hold any direct action - but this would have been their next step had the University not listened!

What a campaign is not

A Students' Union-supported campaign is not:

  • A one-off event
  • Something that just uses or exists on social media (especially post-Covid)
  • A social group or a society
  • Fundraising
  • A week of talks organized by a society
  • Sole aim of 'awareness-raising'
  • An academic project

How to run a campaign

Planning a campaign around something you care about involves:

  • identifying an issue students care about
  • setting an achievable goal
  • deciding who you need to target (who has the power?) and working in a team
  • plan the tactics that will get the change you want

Reckon you have a great idea for a campaign? Email our Campaigns Coordinator, Demaine, at d.boocock@shu.ac.uk to find out more or book an appointment to chat further. At the Students' Union, we can provide specialist support, advice and potentially even funding!


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