Student Trustee

Student Trustee

Student Trustee

Position Type: Voluntary, part-time.
Time Commitment: Approx. 10 hours per month (until Summer 2020).
Requirements: You must be a current Hallam student.

Key Documents:

Full Job Description

Trustee Code of Conduct

Please Note: Student Trustees are appointed, not elected. If you are interested in being a Student Trustee, you will need to submit a statement of interest, and there will then be an interview process. The positions may be filled quickly so we advise you to register your interest as soon as possible.

The Students' Union is led by students, from the bottom right to the very top. Our Board of Trustees, which has the overall responsibility for the management of the SU, includes our 5 elected student officers - and 3 more seats on the Board are also reserved for students. These three positions are now up for appointment.

Student Trustees are full members of the Board, weighing in on the big decisions about the organisation’s financial and strategic direction. They gain experience of financial management and business leadership, while providing a student perspective on the decisions made. It's a powerful position that can affect all students at Hallam and the future of the Students' Union.

This role would suit people who are reliable, organised and take responsibilities seriously. You would be required to read detailed Board papers before meetings, take the time to understand complex issues, and contribute actively to Board meetings. Support will be available and no previous experience is required, but having the right attitude to the role and an understanding of its importance is crucial. 

Student Trustees gain exceptional experience for their future careers - imagine having 'Trustee Board Member' on your CV before you even graduate! - and can hone their skills in negotiation, communication, financial management and business leadership. They also can make a significant difference to student life at Hallam.

If you have any questions not answered by the FAQs below, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat with one of our team.

What is a Board of Trustees?↓

"A board of trustees is an appointed or elected group of individuals that has overall responsibility for the management of an organization." In short, the Board of Trustees are in charge of making sure the Students' Union delivers its objective of supporting the educational interests and welfare of Hallam students. This means they must ensure the organisation is run in a legal, ethical and financially responsibly manner. It's got significant power over the organisation's management and strategic direction, and strongly impacts its success and its future.

What does a Trustee actually do? ↓

Trustees attend meetings of the Board, contribute their view to Board discussions and vote on the decisions that need to be made. They have to prepare for meetings in advance, ensuring they're familiar with the papers and reports that will be discussed, and occasionally will be needed for other duties as well. We'd reccommend reading the more detailed job description (available at the top of this webpage) as it gives a good overview of what the job entails. If you'd like to discuss any of it in more detail, just drop us an email to hallamelections@shu.ac.uk

How big a time commitment is it? ↓

We estimate it will take up about 10 hours a month; some of this will be for scheduled meetings (these take place in the evening to try and avoid clashing with other work/university commitments) and some will be just for reading and taking time to understand important papers and reports, and other duties as needed.

What experience do I need? ↓

No specific previous experience is needed, just the right attitude and commitment to the role. Staff are available to support you throughout the year, so you will receive plenty of help and guidance.

What would I gain by being a Trustee? ↓

You’d be in a position to make a significant positive difference to students studying at Sheffield Hallam and influence the Students’ Union’s decisions. You’d also get to improve your leadership, decision-making and communication skills, while gaining experience that will look great on your CV and boost your employability.

Want to be one of our next Student Trustees?

Want to find out more? Think you might be interested but want to ask some questions first? Book in a quick 'Candidate Coaching' session with one of the elections team and we can talk you through anything you're unsure of: