NUS Conference Delegate

NUS Conference Delegate

2020 NUS Conference Delegate

Position Type: Voluntary (but travel, accommodation and food expenses for the conference are covered).
Number of Posts Available: 8 (minimum of 4 must be filled by self-defining women).
Time Commitment: One-off training session plus three days of conference attendance.
Requirements: You must be a current student, available on the conference dates (31/03/20-02/04/20).

As one of Hallam's delegates to the National Union of Students' annual conference, you will be part of the team responsible for making Hallam's voice heard on a national stage. NUS represents students nationally, fighting for big change on a national level - and NUS Conference is where they decide what change they want to fight for. You could be a part of those discussions.

Please note: According to NUS policy to encourage gender balance, at least 50% of all our delegates must be women (self-defining). This means 4 of the 8 available posts must be filled by women students.

It's a fantastic opportunity to make positive change for thousands of students, and gain some useful experience for your CV along the way. You'll receive full training and support throughout, so all you need to bring is the passion and ideas!

If you want more detail on any of the above roles that aren't answered in the FAQs below, just email hallamelections@shu.ac.uk



What does an NUS Conference Delegate actually do? ↓

They will attend the National Union of Students' Annual Conference in Spring next year, which is three days long and happening in Liverpool. Travel, accommodation and food are all paid for by the Students' Union, so there is no cost for delegates themselves. At conference, they get to vote on all the motions and policies discussed, ensuring Hallam students get a say in those decisions. They can also submit motions and policies themselves, if they want, meaning there's an even bigger ability to make national change for those who want it.

Who can be an NUS Conference Delegate? ↓

The only requirement is that you're a current Hallam student. Any student - undergraduate or postgraduate, UK or international, first year or final year - who meets this requirement can be a delegate.

How big a time commitment is it? ↓

The time commitment is fairly minimal. You will need to be available for the full length of the conference (31/03/20-02/04/20) and able to be staying away from home during that time. Apart from those dates, there will be a training session to support you and help you prepare for the Conference, but that's it.

What experience do I need? ↓

No specific previous experience is needed, just the right attitude and commitment to the role. Staff are available to support you, and our student President will be the head of the delegation attending the conference with you, so you will receive plenty of help and guidance along the way.

What would I gain by being an NUS Conference Delegate? ↓

You’d be in a position to make a significant positive difference to students studing at Hallam and across the UK, gaining experience of making change at a national level, while gaining skills that will look great on your CV and boost your employability. These could include communication and negotiation skills, team-working, public speaking (only if you wanted!) and more.

Want to be one of our 2020 NUS Conference Delegates?

Want to find out more? Think you might be interested but want to ask some questions first? Book in a quick 'Candidate Coaching' session with one of the elections team and we can talk you through anything you're unsure of: