A range of training opportunities to help you get the most from your rep experience.

A range of training opportunities to help you get the most from your rep experience.





Would you like to have a say in the Courses that run at Sheffield Hallam? Apply to be a Student Panel member on a Course Validation Panel

The University and the Students’ Union are working together to engage students as full panel members on University Validation Panels. Validation Panels are responsible for the formal approval of new award-bearing courses before they can be offered by the University. Students will play a key part in the course validation process, with one member of a Validation Panel will be a current student of the University, usually a nominated Course or Department Representative. 

Why Should Student Representatives Get Involved in the Validation Process?

Being a Student Panel Member should be a rewarding experience as it will provide you with an opportunity to be directly involved in the approval of new courses and take part in an important academic quality process. Student Representatives appointed as Panel Members will receive a detailed briefing about their role in the validation process, attend a validation event (usually lasting 2 - 3 hours) and will receive a standard payment of £80, in recognition of their contribution.


If you are interested in applying to be a Student Panel Member, please send an email giving your details, including name, course, current year of study and student email address to: ! AQS Quality
Panels take place throughout the year and we will identify specific validation meetings for Student Panel Members to attend, subject to their availability.
For further information on the validation process please click here