Reward & Recognition and Case Studies

Officer Cricle
Andrew Adegbola

Education Officer


As a Department Rep, you will have the opportunity to...

• Receive a Department Rep certificate in recognition of your contributions on achievement of the three Department Rep 'milestones' (initial training and input / attendance at two Department Boards) 

Take part in the Hallam Award 

Take part in the Students' Union Leadership Programme

• Get involved with wider initiatives to improve the student experience such as working with the Education Officer on campaigns, attending additional University meetings/boards and participating in the Students' Union Education Committee.


Graduate Attributes Reps Develop...

• Confidence

• Resillience

• Responsibility

• Adaptability

• Curiosity

• Emotional Intelligence


Previous Department Reps...


Eleanor Wardman | Course & Department Rep

Computer Security with Forensics

‘I've loved being involved. I was very shy at the beginning and have never been good at getting myself out there, so I decided in first year, “Right, I'm going to be a Course Rep! Let's see how it goes.” I loved the role to begin with as it was forcing me to communicate with people and get on well with the lecturers…. In second year I decided I wanted to try out being a Department Rep. Overall, it's been nice that we are heard and that I've had an impact. I have left my mark at uni. It's been great for my CV and also great for my confidence. Overall I've just loved it.’


James Glazier | Course & Department Rep

Education Studies with Psychology and Counselling

‘As someone who felt very passionate about being a Course Rep, it felt like a very natural progression to become a Department Rep in my second year of University. I have definitely learned how to speak in a professional manner without seeming like a robot! When I needed to broach a more serious topic such as learning contracts not being followed, which was a very serious issue, I was able to bring it up, had evidence behind me and very quickly gained staff support. I would definitely recommend the role of Department Rep. It has really helped me with my confidence and especially in my public speaking skills. Situations that would have previously made me highly nervous to the point where I would feel sick or not turn up, I can now handle with ease. It also looks great on a CV, which is always a nice bonus! I really enjoy representing students and want to improve the University and Students’ Union for everyone, and being a Rep is a great way of doing that!’