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The Bioscience Society (BioSoc) is a Society for all students and staff who share an interest in all things Sciencey! Particularly for all those studying Biosciences (biology, human biology, biochemistry, biomedical science), Chemistry and Forensics!

This year the Biosciences society was introduced by the Course reps and Department rep in the department to bring together the community in the bioscience department. The committee aims to set up events that will allow the staff and students to come together and have a good time! The committee is working hard on planning the end of year ball and many other events for the next semester so watch this space!


2022/23 committee

Meet the committee


President-Sara Raza 

Department Representative for Biosciences and Chemistry-

Course Representative for Level 5 Biomedical Science 

Biosicences EDI team 

Email- sr8044@shu.ac.uk

Vice President-Doohan Blackburn 

Course Representative for Level 6 Biology 


Equality and Diversity Officer- Cai Ware 

Disabled Students Rep- SU working Committee 

Course Representative for Level 4 Biomedical science

Biosicences EDI team 

Email- b9023896@hallam.shu.ac.uk

Treasurer- Siouxnice Walker 

STEM ambassador 

Course Representative for Level 5 Biomedical Science 

Email- c1018606@exchange.shu.ac.uk

Secretary- Ally Rafique

Course Representative for Level 5 Biomedical Science


Media Coordinator- Ayla Sayan 

Course Representative for Level 5 Biomedical Science 




Course Representative-Level 6 Human Biology 

Email- b9036584@exchange.shu.ac.uk



Rep Wall

The course reps in the department are very important and the department wanted to showcase them off! so each of our lovely reps submitted a little profile of themselves including a pciture, a fun fact and a little about why they became a rep, these were then converted into snazzy little profiles and added to the department course rep wall on Floor 8 of the owen building (the lab floor) to show off our brilliant reps. Get to Know them now!


BioSciences and Chemistry Society Bake Sale

Thanks to all the staff and students who attended or donated to the BioSoc and ChemSoc bake sale it was a very successful event with a grand total of £210 raised! The committees plan to use the money raised to make the end of year ball one to remember. 

Would I Lie to SHU?

The Would I lie to SHU event was a fantastic event that involved deciept and cunning stories created by the absurd imaginations of the staff and students in the department. The ChemSoc proved that they are indeed the sneakiest science and BioSoc took their first defeat (Just proving we are honest innocent souls)

The True or False anecdotes revealed some absurd facts about the not so innocent academics in the department and revealed the fantastic liars amongst the staff and students (conclusion-Neil could get away with murder)




The picture round brought some unusual images to light...and some even wierder explanations...

Piratevate...Get it...

A cringy prompt perfect for one of the cringiest tutors in the department...sorry Dan

This frankly absurd Prompt had the descriptor- David Smith hallucinating... and everyone else questioning David and the Committees' Sanity.

...Dan is also now traumatised too...Sorry Dan...not really.

Fun fact of the day... given the opportunity, academic staff do not hold back on acting just as childish as them students they're always complaining about, Who the real David Smith was...we will never know. 


To Conclude...A great event and some good bullying of some deserving academics...sorry David and Dan...you had it coming.

Well done ChemSoc. 

SHUniversity Challenge

In the first semester the committee planned the SHUniversity Challenge. An event that pitted the Bioscience gang againest the Chemistry gang in a brilliant competition with staff and students from across the department. The competition included quizzes on music, social media, TV and Film, Logos, Star Wars, World Flags, MJ and IKEA furniture?!... so many random topics for the diverse department of nerds.

It was a brilliant night of competition and teamwork and everyone did brilliantly letting their inner nerd out. Who knew Neil Cross knew so much about birds?! And Dan Kelly knew so little about social media. ("Snapbook" really Dan?!)

But heres the moment everyone was waiting for... who's the best?

Teams and Scores 

  1. Round 1: Biomedical Science Vs Chemistry 
    • 29 : 20.5
  2. Round 2: Human Bio & Bio Vs Biochemistry 
    • 28 : 22
  3. Round 3: BioSoc (biomed, Bio and human bio) Vs ChemSoc (biochemistry and chemistry)
    • 47 : 44

Challenge scores

  • Pippette tip Speed test 
    • Neil Cross (biosoc) 1.38 
    • Alice Johnson (chemsoc) 1.36
  • Pressups in a min (seamed to be the longest minute of david's life- we've never heard so much complaining (and we are uni students!)) 
    • David Smith (chemsoc) -36 (ish...last few were debatable) 
    • Doohan blackburn (biosoc)-48 
  • Periodic table memory test
    • Alice Johnson (chemsoc)-the whole periodic table?!-
    • How can 1 compete with 100% biosoc reached rubidium... barely

It was a brilliant evening, we hope all who attended had fun. And of course Biosciences took the win like the pros that we are! Chemistry nerds have successfully been crushed. 

And all that smack talk from the BMS paid off too, as they took the overall win with a 1 point lead! (Thank goodness)

Time to return to the FLRs and marking. 


Snowman Competition 

With the disruptive snowstorm came the department snowman competition we had some great submissions! The winner recieved a £10 amazon voucher...to buy some hand warmers to dry off that snow!

End of Year Ball 2022/23!

The end of year ball this year took place at kenwood hall and was a fantastic event with a forest theme. 

It brought together all students in the department from different courses and year groups. 

Find the Google drive of pictures and videos from the evening below. 


2019/20 committee

During 2019/20, the society celebrated events such as:


BioSoc Macmillan Coffee Morning

  • In less than 4 hours, BioSoc raised £188.40 by selling baked good and hot drinks to go to Macmillan Cancer Support!
  • Fundraising is a vital component what we do at BioSoc and will look fantastic in job applications and university E-portfolios!





BioSoc vs ChemSoc Night Out

  • Our very good friends at ChemSoc were able to join us for a night of drinks, games and competitions to find out who's the top of the Socs! Bring your own PPE as standard for this scientific affair!
  • We've maintained a partner-relationship with OHM so we can get you reduced drinks and a guaranteed venue to meet with other BioSoc members and get to know people with similar interests!


Biosoc 2021/22 was nominated for 3 awards: committe of the year, society of the year and community outreach!!!!


Pumkin carving Event!!


Hallamnation is always hot with our members! Lab coats are a must for these themed outfit nights!!!

Did somebody say pub quiz????

Monday nights at common room sports bar-- bottoms up and may the fastest fingers win!!!!

The final event of the year was the Bioscience and Chemistry Department Ball!!!!!!!

Held at the Sheffiled United Football Stadium on bramhall lane, expect a night of glitz and glamour to celebrate all our hard work!! 



Link to the professional photos taken at the summer ball 2021/22



Committee Members

Equality and Diversity Officer

Media Coordinator




Vice President

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