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Why I joined the Paramedic Society

Name/year/course you’re studying studying

Olivia Hanson, final year, Paramedic Science BSc (hons). Olivia is the President of the Paramedic society.

What benefits are there to being a society member?

Due to the wide range of events, there was always an event to fit everyone. If not, then the committee is always open to suggestions from members. The annual fee is only £5, this includes all events, socials and personal interactions with the committee regarding any concerns, academically and personally. This also gives further opportunities to get involved with the society to possibly join the committee in future years.

What do you enjoy the most out of being a part of a society?

I enjoyed the feeling of being a part of something. Both the committee and the members all became a community and that was really nice. When starting university, it was really scary and I was very homesick to begin with. Joining the society was a great way to make friends and become part of a community to help with the transition. I moved away from home, therefore the socials really helped me to make friends. However, for students who are staying at home, all events are set at reasonable times so it is easy to attend straight after university days, avoiding unnecessary travel. The society's socials also allow students who are staying at home to get involved with the social aspect of university. I also learnt so much from the academic events, therefore constantly improving my confidence by growing my knowledge beyond the university curriculum.

How would you say being a part of a society can help/benefit other students?

Being part of a society improves so many aspects of a student’s life and university journey. It can be a very daunting experience starting a degree with a whole new set of people. Joining a society can ensure that initial barriers are broken, both personally and academically.

What would you say to other students considering joining a society but are unsure?

JOIN! The university experience will not be the same if you don't throw yourself into it. Whether it be course related, or something you're passionate about, or even something you've considered but have always been too scared to join... do it! Societies take little annual fees and you never know until you give it a go... the worst that can happen is you say you tried! You will never get these years again, they aren't all about writing papers and studying for exams - make friends and make amazing memories you will remember forever.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Don't be afraid to take all opportunities at university; there is something for everyone. Also don't forget, EVERYBODY IS SCARED! Be yourself, find yourself, and find your lifelong friends. Work really hard, but never be too hard on yourself… it can get stressful!

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