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National Vegetarian Week: Great Insta chefs you should follow!

It’s National Vegetarian Week so we’re bringing you a list of veggie-friendly chefs to help you make the best vegetarian food!



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Tabitha Brown

This wonderful lady began developing an online following after sharing her vegan alternatives to popular non-vegan food such as ‘carrot bacon’. Whilst she shares all kind of recipes, one of the big reasons Tabitha is so popular is thanks to her funny and warm personality. Find her at @iamtabithabrown on Instagram and TikTok.



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Chez Jorge

Chez Jorge is ran by George Lee, a 19-year-old Taiwanese cook who is ‘in pursuit of food and culture’ and wants to take you along on his journey. He shares plant-based recipes inspired by the food he ate growing up but also shows you methods of cooking standard ingredients in new ways to make them so much better. He began this project near the start of the pandemic and has grown a massive following thanks to his innovative vegan recipes. You can find his recipes at @chez.jorge over on Instagram.



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Henry Firth and Ian Theasby are two mates turned chefs who went to school together in SHEFFIELD! Together they created ‘Bosh.TV’ where they post their vegan recipes online. They’re all about showing how exciting a plant-based diet can be and share their recipes to give you delicious ideas whether you’re veggie, vegan or just enjoy meat-free days here and there. You can find them at @Bosh.TV on Instagram and YouTube.



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Rainbow Nourishments

Rainbow Nourishments is ran by Anthea, a chef and food photographer from Australia who created her food blog and Instagram account to share her vegan recipes which usually happen to be on the sweet side. Whilst Anthea does post some great savoury meal ideas, her account is one for you if you have a sweet tooth and love baking. At Rainbow Nourishments, you’ll find recipes for cakes, doughnuts, cheesecakes, tarts, chocolate bars and more! You can find her account at @rainbownourishments on Instagram.


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