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How to interview like a fully functioning adult….maybe

So you’re graduating? Looking for a placement? Or maybe just a casual job? Here are a few tips to help you ace that interview.

Dress for the part

Always aim for a formal look (unless told otherwise). I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times but I’m going to say it again…first impressions count! Wear something comfortable, smart and maybe something a little different and memorable like a pink blazer or a chic coat. If you’re a clumsy person, learn from my mistakes and NEVER wear heels! (oh the shame)

Think of some question you might get asked

Why do you want the job? Why did you choose that company? What skills do have to suit the role? Having some answers in your back pocket will help calm pre-interview nerves and make sure you get what want across to the interviewer.


Have questions to ask the interviewer

There comes a time when the interview finally ends and they ask if you have any questions for them, you should always have one, but preferably 2, questions up your sleeve to ask them. It shows that you are interested in the job and have researched the role. Even a simple question like ‘how much responsibility does this role provide?’ can go a long way.

Don’t drive there

This might just be a personal rule, I never drive to an interview (mainly because I’m a TERRIBLE driver). It is added stress to an already stressful experience. Traffic, parking, other cars existing….no one needs that.

Get there early

Always. Get. There. Early! It shows your interviewer that you can plan your time and are eager for the position. It also allows for last minute freak outs and nervous wee’s.

Prepare for a test

Graduate and placement interviews normally include some form of test. Ask your lecturers and people in the year above what kind of test is usual in field you are interviewing for. Also websites such as  and have lots of information about a company’s interview process, by people who have experienced them.

Research the company

You know when you’re on a really bad date and all they do is talk about themselves and aren’t interested in you at all, it sucks right?….interviews are the same (actually not the same what so ever but you get my point right?) You need to research the company you are interviewing for and show them that you know what they do, their aims, goals and ethos.

Ask for feedback

If you aren’t successful in your interview (you didn’t want it anyway right? *cries*) don’t wallow, you just weren’t the right fit. Always ask for feedback so you can improve for next time.

So, stay calm, keep composed, do lots of prep and you’re off to a good start. Oh, and most importantly smile through the pain…if none of that works you could always go and live in the woods with your dog? (not recommended if you are committed to being a fully functional adult, apologies)