Autumn Elections Result Night 2017

What a night! The winners of the Autumn Elections 2017 were announced last Wednesday during a results night held at the Hubs. Students running for roles along with their friends and family all gathered to await the results. Over 600 individuals voted in this years Autumn Elections with a grand total of over 1,200 votes cast. The winners are listed below! 

NUS Delegate:

Nabeela Mowlana

Laura Lunn-Bates

Molly Williams

Bethany Howden

Abdullah Okud

Davey Silver

Chloe Massey

Joshua Nimmins

Union Council Chair:

Joshua Speakman-Lowe

Union Councillors:

Jess Mell

Dalal Alyafai

Chloe Massey

Ben Walters

Betsy Byrne

Alexander Harrison

Mature Student Rep:

Toby Baxter-Smith

D&S Faculty Rep:

James Glazier

Student Trustee:

Gemma Anthony-Dixon

Asim Mahmood

Matthew Green

Here are a few images from the evening...