Life Membership

As a student at Sheffield Hallam University you are already a member of Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union. Once you have graduated you can chose to become a Life Member of Sheffield Hallam Students' Union if you wish too. Being a life member means you will receive many different benefits, see below for more details! All you have to do is fill in the application form below. Your form will then go to Officer Committee to be approved. Once approved, you will make your payment of £10 and then receive your Life Membership card.

10% off in Bar Phoenix and Coffee Union. Plus additional offers throughout the year.*

Attend Sheffield Hallam Students' Union events and pay NUS prices.

Create, design or broadcast student media.

Meet people and develop skills through student-led community volunteering.

Participate in activities and societies with like-minded people.

Sports Union
Participate and socialise.

Why don’t you…?
Try new things and meet new people.

Download the Life Membership application form here.