Investors in Diversity

After achieving the Investors in Diversity Accreditation Level 1 in 2018 we are working towards our Level 2 Accreditation and we need your help

The Investors in Diversity award is a nationally recognised equality, diversity accreditation that recognises excellence in this area. The Accreditation is made up of the six FREDIE principles. These principles are Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Engagement.

A key part of the process is for you, to complete a questionnaire, to find out as much as possible about how well we promote equalitydiversity and inclusion within our organisation. This will form the basis of any work we do on our journey towards achieving the award.

A survey was sent out to students, stakeholders and staff. Thank you to any of you that have filled this out, you are helping to shape the future of our organisation.