Community Action

Community Action Volunteering Opportunity | Sheffield City Trust - Concierge Support and Analyst

Project Overview

Sheffield City Trust is a large charitable organisation that operated various sporting and entertainment facilities across Sheffield and the region. Our purpose is to improve the Health and Well Being of the people of Sheffield by making our facilities accessible and user friendly. Some of the venues we operate are EIS Sheffield, iceSheffield, Sheffield Arena and Ponds Forge.

What you will be doing 

The role is a customer focused role, assisting in the customer journey and support for all our members. This will be a range of users, from elite athletes linked to our National Governing Bodies to the children that are part of the coached Athletics programme. We want a focus on improved service,  not only the conducting of but a review of how we can facilitate better systems through experience.


Based at EIS Sheffield, Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA

Benefits to others 

Customers will benefit from this role, through increased service and attention. It will allow for a fresh set of eyes to the venue, on how improvements can be made.

Hours per week

running for 13 weeks, 12 hours per week. This can be flexible.

DBS required?


Benefits to self

A unique opportunity to work in a World Class Facility that has significant connections with Sport England and UK Sport. The person will gain a good understanding of the process and client management while being able to present opportunities for change.

Skills and experience required 

A positive and punctual person who wants experiences in working in a World Class facility as well as engagement with a variety of customer. Experience of a customer focused role not essential but needs to be someone who thrives on interaction and engagement

How to apply

To apply for this volunteering role please email volunteering@shu.ac.uk

If you have any questions about the accessibility of this volunteering role; or any questions in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you are interested in the opportunity please email the Volunteering team at volunteering@shu.ac.uk who will be able to get you started!

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